I recently watched an excellent video from Girls Vs Globe, and decided to share the 25 tips to have more followers in Instagram.

  1. Don’t Cheat the System
  2. Improve Photography
  3. Develop a consistent editing Style
  4. Be an active instagrammer
  5. Interact with the right people
  6. Figure out
  7. Change your profile picture
  8. Optimise your bio
  9. Use all the hashtags (30)
  10. Use the right Hashtags
  11. Geotag your images
  12. Experiment with captions
  13. Include a call to action
  14. Tag other accounts
  15. Work in trending topics
  16. Keep a consistent schedule
  17. Post at the right times
  18. Switch to a business account
  19. Listen to your analytics
  20. Reply to your comments
  21. Use instagram Stories
  22. Use instagram Live
  23. Post more videos
  24. Promote on social media
  25. Partner with your fellow creators

These are just a few tips I took from a youtube video that can be seen here

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